The Choice Facing Us

Whoever is faithful in very little is also faithful in much.—Luke 16:10

What is denial? It is the attitude that avoids looking realistically at issues and pretends that things are not the way they are.

Most Christians (myself included) are to varying degrees held together by denial. Deep down we sense that if we were to face the realities of life openly and honestly, we might not be able to cope, and so we pretend things are not what they are.

I know Christians who pretend that what they have in life satisfies more than it does, or pretend they haven’t been hurt as badly as they have. They refuse to face and feel what is going on inside them, due to the strange belief that it is lack of faith on their part to admit to anything that is negative.

This faulty teaching—that we ought to ignore what is going on inside us instead of facing it and dealing with it—is responsible for more casualties in the Christian life than anything I know. A Christian psychologist says: “I am convinced that much of what we admire as spiritual maturity is a fragile adjustment to life based on the foundation of denial.” I would agree. My own observation would lead me to say that I have found some non-Christians to be more open and honest in facing what is going on inside them than some Christians.

Is denial a wise plan for life? Absolutely not. The choice, then, is stark: either to deny and live comfortably or to face every painful issue—and go on to climb the heights with God.


Father, help me to see that I need never be afraid to face anything, for in You I have the resources to resolve all problems, not just skirt them. Show me how to blast denial right out of my life—once and for all. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Eccl 5:1-7; Isa 29:13; Mt 15:1-9

What do fools do?

What prophecy was fulfilled by the Pharisees?

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