Below the Waterline

Surely You desire integrity in the inner self.—Psalm 51:6

When considering the proposition that a balanced, honest look at what is going on beneath the surface of your life can contribute greatly to your spiritual health, think of your life as an iceberg.

We are told that the visible part of an iceberg—that is, the part we see above the water—is about one-tenth of its total size. Its bulk lies beneath the surface and is revealed only to those who are equipped to go down below the waterline. Our lives are like that; there is much more to them than we see on the surface.

Think of the visible part above the waterline as representing the things you do, the thoughts you consciously think, and the feelings you sense going on within you. Let the mass below the waterline represent the things that go on inside you that cannot be clearly seen or understood, such as motives, attitudes, impulses, and so on. Facing what goes on above the waterline—our visible behaviors and actions—is a whole lot easier than delving below the surface, and this is why many Christians (not all, of course) concern themselves only with what they can see, know, and understand.

These people can be described as “surface copers,” who cope with life by dealing with whatever they can see and ignoring all the rest. If, however, we are to enjoy a deeper relationship with God, then we will do so only as we come to grips with the tough issues that lie beneath the surface of our lives.


God, help me this day to stand before You in complete and utter honesty. Save me from becoming a “surface coper,” and give me the grace I need to face the things that I would normally avoid. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Further Study

Isa 11; 1Kg 3:1-10; Jn 5:30

How does Jesus judge and reprove?

What did Solomon ask for?

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