Watching Daily

Proverbs 8:34

One beautiful moment in my life was a visit to a Moslem mosque where I sensed the deep reality and seriousness of the people’s worship. It was a dim mosque, lit with rows of lamps and filled with solemn white-clad figures, rising and falling in prostration as they worshipped. We stood and listened to the chanting of the call to prayer: “God is most great.”

These people were worshipping Allah, their God; Mohammed was his apostle. For me this did not take away from the beauty of their act, but it did make me feel somewhat ashamed. We worship the true and living God, and Jesus His Son, but how many of us are as devout as these people who pray five times a day? Their prayers were so intense as their voices rose in a kind of wail: “Allah! Allah!” One could feel the urgency in the cry.

The privilege of prayer should be one of life’s most cherished experiences. I am convinced that God does hear our prayers of faith and answers as He wills for our good. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no, but whether He gives or withholds, He knows best.

What a blessed release it is to be able to take our needs to our Lord. There are times when pain or illness afflict the human frame; even death has to be faced. What confidence comes to those who hear His voice and know that He hears their cry.

Once following a powerful prayer meeting we entered the waiting elevator. The door that should have closed automatically remained ajar and nothing happened. Quickly, someone stooped down, picked up a handkerchief that was against the door, and exclaimed, “That cuts the beam!” He then went on to explain how the electric beam from both sides had to meet to produce the power to close the doors.

How often the power of prayer in a life is cut by some obstruction. There are occasions when you sincerely enter into the attitude of prayer, you want to be lifted to higher heights in your spiritual experience, but something enters and cuts the beam, bringing prayer to a standstill.

The prophet Isaiah tells of the people offering prayers and sacrifices, but God was not pleased. Their evil ways made Him exclaim, “I will hide My eyes from you, when you make prayers I will not hear.” The beam of power was cut, for their own greed came between them and God.

Prayer is vital to spiritual health. “Blessed is the man who listens to Me, watching daily at My doors” (Proverbs 8:34).

Janet Wiseman, Watching Daily

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