Worship Is Central

I will keep watch for You, my strength, because God is my stronghold. My faithful God will come to meet me.—Psalm 59:9-10

If we are to go deeper with God, then we must understand both the importance and meaning of worship. Dr. Dick Averby, professor of the Old Testament at Dallas Seminary, claims that the antidote to every human problem is worship. I am sure he is thinking of personality problems, not physical problems, and allowing for this caveat, I would agree with him. Dr. Larry Crabb, professor of counseling at Colorado Christian University, says something similar: “Worship means, in the middle of life as it is experienced, that you find some way to be caught up in God’s character and purpose so that His will becomes central.”

Mature Christians are people who think of themselves first and foremost as worshipers. They will see their other roles in life—as fathers, mothers, factory workers, business people, farmers, doctors, evangelists, pastors, and so on—as secondary.

Some worship the servants of God more than they worship God Himself. A story is told of an occasion when Christmas Evans, the great Welsh preacher of a past century, was due to preach. Prior to the service the church was packed with people eager to hear the great orator. As the service was about to begin, it was announced that Christmas Evans was unable to keep the engagement and a lesser-known preacher would take his place. People began to show signs of leaving until the moderator said: “All those who have come to worship Christmas Evans may leave. All those who have come to worship God may stay.” No one left.


O God, my soul is too big to be satisfied with the writings of a mere man. I can be inspired by human words, but I can be fed only by Your words. May I continually seek You. Amen.

Further Study

Jn 6:25-58; Ps 132:7; Isa 55:2; 1Co 10:3-4

What did Jesus declare?

Why did the Jews stumble over it?

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