VIDEO The Prayer Tent

Moses took his tent and pitched it outside the camp. Exodus 33:7

When a creative mother in Chicago noticed her son was anxious during the pandemic, she came up with a biblical solution. Together they made a prayer tent—a homemade pup tent—and set it up in a corner of the boy’s bedroom. Whenever he felt afraid, he could go there, read his Bible or kids’ devotional book, pray, and feel enclosed in safety.

The idea originated with Moses. In Exodus 33, when Moses was frazzled by the idolatry of the children of Israel, he “took his tent and pitched it outside the camp.” This wasn’t the famous Tabernacle, which would be built later. This was an ordinary tent. Some translations use the word “tabernacle,” but that’s simply another word for tent. This was an ordinary tent, yet whenever Moses entered it, the presence of the Lord descended and met with him. 

You may want to literally build a prayer tent for yourself or your children. But truly, any quiet spot where we enter God’s presence in prayer is a special place of safety. The Lord longs to be with us, to hear us, and to answer our prayers.

At the place of prayer, Jesus waits for you, did you meet Him there, did you pray it through? Hymnist William C. Poole

Exodus 32:30-33:23 – 2011 – Skip Heitzig

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