The Challenge of Forgiving Ourselves

Psalm 32

Yesterday, we considered why people fail to forgive themselves for wrongdoing. Today, let’s look at questions to ask yourself when you struggle with self-condemnation.

1. Why should I continue to condemn myself when God no longer condemns me?
2. Is my self-condemnation affecting my relationship with God? What about my relationships with other people? How so?
3. What good comes from refusing to forgive myself?
4. Does the Lord find me more devout because of my guilt and shame?
5. Is there any biblical basis for withholding self-forgiveness?
6. How long do I intend to condemn myself? What must happen for me to finally forgive myself?

When facing self-doubt and remorse, focus on the basics of who God is and what He wants for your life. Prayerfully consider these six questions. Read them aloud and spend time reflecting on each one. You may even want to journal or work through your thoughts in prayer as the Lord speaks. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself wrestling with some of the answers. Remember, God wants to help renew our perspective, and He promises to be with us as we confront our guilt.

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