How Problems Occur

If anyone is thirsty, he should come to Me and drink!—John 7:37

In my opinion, the biggest single preventative to us having feet like “hinds’ feet” is a stubborn commitment to independence. This reflects itself in the lives of every one of us—even those who have been on the Way for several decades. In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, who were designed to experience fulfillment by being dependent on God, decided to act independently of Him. Sin can be summed up as a “Declaration of Independence”—an attempt to do for ourselves what only God can do for us.

What happened in the garden of Eden is duplicated millions of times daily, not only in the lives of unbelievers but in the lives of Christians also—Christians who use self-centered strategies to satisfy the deep thirst that is in their heart for God. Almost every spiritual or psychological problem has at its roots this condition—the person is failing in some way to let God satisfy his deep inner thirst.

This might sound simplistic to some, but after many years of experience working in the field of counseling, I am convinced that this is what underlies such conditions as anorexia, sexual perversions, worry, hostility, depression, homosexuality, and so on. You see, if we are not conscious that God is meeting the deep thirst we have for Him on the inside of our being, then the inner emptiness will move us in one of two directions—to fill the emptiness in any way we can or to withdraw and protect ourselves from the possibility of any further pain.


Father, I see yet again that until and unless my deep thirst for You is being quenched, I am in deep trouble and vulnerable to all kinds of problems. I simply must get this issue straightened out. Help me, dear Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Mt 5:1-6; Jn 4:1-42

What was the message of Jesus to the woman?

How was this reinforced through the Sermon on the Mount?

2 thoughts on “How Problems Occur

  1. This really speaks to me. I agree with your findings, as I’ve rammed my head up against the wall for quite sometime attempting to quench my “thirst” with things, people and the like, which are a far cry from the living water that Jesus provides. May God bless you and keep you on your journey, as you yield yourself and grow closer to Him. Amen.


    • Many people, including me, tried to fill the God shaped vessel with something other than God. What a day it is when we finally come to Jesus.

      Thank you for adding your comments.

      May God continue to Bless and yours as well.

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