An Awful Day

John 14:1

Today, Lord, has been awful!

It started badly.

Imps of depression sat on the bedposts

waiting for me to wake,

ready to pounce on me,

to harry me

and fill me with their gloom.

My head ached, my nerves were edgy

and I felt irritable.

And then it rained …

Not a decent sort of rain, soon over and done with,

but a penetrating, miserable, drooling kind of rain

that wet-blanketed soul as well as body.

There are days like that, Master.

Days when life is heavy, boring, meaningless;

days when no ray pierces the inward gloom,

just plain bad days.

What is your recipe for such hours, Lord?

I am reminded of some words which were often on Your lips:

“Take heart!”

They must have comforted Your followers many times,

You used them when they were startled,

when they had lost their nerve,

when they needed encouragement.

I need encouragement, Master,

So I quiet my mind and wait to hear You say:

“Take heart!”

Thank You, Lord.

Flora Larsson, Just A Moment, Lord

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