On Practicality

Matthew 25:45

“Be practical” someone said,

“What can we do?

Don’t get involved,

You might get hurt.”

For the first time, I am practical

Because I am done with practicality.


Didn’t the Master say,

“Go into the highways

And the byways?”

For need is often dangerous,

Not safe nor simple;

It is vicious, or dirty, or sobbing,

Or threatening, or dreadfully repulsive,

Or, I suppose, running at the nose.

Away with practicality!

If you will, call me a Samaritan person—

Good or bad or otherwise;

I am done with the right side of the road.

Can’t you hear the urgent callingness from other lives?

Walk with me where bloodied footsteps trail the wounded.

Where the hearts are cold.

Gray as granite, or broken, or crippled, or crushed.

The needy will be there,

And we shall care,

And share, each with each.

That will be sufficient.

And if pain comes, well, let it come.

Hurting will be preferable,

Under the circumstances, to not hurting.

Sallie Chesham, Walking with the Wind

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