The Satanic Strategy

The Devil had already put it into the heart of Judas … to betray Him.—John 13:2

The “fiery darts” of the Devil are quite different from the thoughts that are generated by our carnal nature. These “fiery darts” come at us rather than from within us. A satanic attack can usually be differentiated from something that arises within by the force with which the thought hits us. Thoughts that arise out of the carnal nature are offensive, but the thoughts that come as “fiery darts” from the Devil burn.

Many Christians have told me that they often experience these attacks when they go to read their Bibles or to pray. When they read a newspaper, nothing seems to happen. But when they turn their attention to something spiritual, they find it almost impossible to concentrate, by reason of the shameful thoughts that occupy their minds.

The other thing one notices about these attacks is that they seem to come in cycles. They are not there permanently, but they come at certain times and seasons. I once counseled a man for one hour a week over a period of a whole year and got him to write down in his diary the times and dates when he felt under satanic attack. When we looked through his diary together at the end of the year, we discovered an amazing thing—every single attack took place immediately prior to his doing something special for the Lord, like leading a Bible study, conducting a service, visiting the sick, or giving a public testimony. I shall never forget the expression on his face as he looked at me and said: “Who says that Satan isn’t a strategist?”


My Father and my God, I realize that even though Satan is a strategist, he is no match for You. You know how to outmaneuver his every move. Help me to stay close to You, that I might experience Your strategy and not his. Amen.

Further Study

Gn 3; Mt 4:1-10

How did Satan seek to penetrate Eve’s mind?

How does this correlate with the temptation of Christ?

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