VIDEO Not Even One Spot

Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him. Romans 5:9

Sometimes the richest devotions are from dusty books. Listen to what the British preacher William Romaine (1714-1795) said about the blood of Jesus: “Sins as red as scarlet, sins as numerous as the stars, or as the sands upon the sea-shore innumerable, and nature as black as hell, a heart as wicked as the devil, the divine and eternally precious blood of Jesus can so cleanse and purify, that not one spot shall remain; for he is Almighty.”

All of us look back with regrets at our imperfections, mistakes, moments of failure, and times when we said or did the wrong thing. But we shouldn’t! God has erased all those from the ledgers. When we look backward, we should say: “Praise the Lord! Everything sinful is gone, and everything is working out for good through the mercy and grace of our God.”

Our past is forgiven; our future is forever; today is for Him!

If I had been guilty of all the sins of Adam and Eve, and of all their descendants to this day, yet believing in him I should be safe, because his blood cleanseth from all sin. William Romaine

The Divine Guarantee of an Eternal Salvation, Part 3 (Romans 5:9–11)

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