Living the Holy Life

Romans 12:2

Many of us have lived long enough to have observed a radical shift in moral attitudes in the western world that threatens the fabric of our society. However, there are those who constantly press for further changes that would permit greater laxity. They insist that all citizens should possess, as of right by law, the maximum possible degree of free choice for the exercise of sexual enjoyment in whatever form they desire, provided others are not directly harmed or unwillingly involved.

Such an arrangement strikes at the root of Christian ethics, typical of the insidious philosophy held in common by most advocates of “the new morality.” Thrusting this line of thought still further, any individual should be free to create his own private criteria for conduct. Adoption of private moral standards eventually would lead to moral anarchy.

The argument also overlooks the inherent sinfulness of man. Our strong instinctual drives tend to get out of hand unless harnessed by a stronger power.

Another component in the philosophy on which modern moral permissiveness is grounded is that morals are derived from our culture and do not find their foundation in God. Christians are not blind to the influence of inheritance, custom and culture on the behavioral patterns. But they believe that God’s Word, illumined by the Holy Spirit, reveals the basic moral pattern for men.

Not the times in which we live, but the Bible is the measuring rod for the Christian’s practice as well as his faith.

Is it possible to maintain Christian standards of conduct and behavior in a world that stands in irrevocable opposition to the spirit of Jesus? The real answer is found in the biblical doctrine of holiness. The dilution or deletion of this doctrine would result in an emasculated gospel. Will you join me in fervent prayer for a revival of holiness teaching and holy living among God’s people? Let us give the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying work its proper place in teaching and personal experience.

Clarence D. Wiseman, The Privilege of All Believers

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