A Qwerty Question

John 8:12

Your keyboard a QWERTY?” asked the cyber techie with a sardonic smile.

“Course it is!” I snapped back, hoping to mask my ignorance with an annoyed response.

I didn’t want him to think that I didn’t own the latest computer hardware, or that I had been napping at a rest stop on the information superhighway.

He left with a smug, self-satisfied look that said he had left me in a gigabyte of dust with no escape key in reach. I hurried to my dictionary of computing terms to see how badly I’d been had. As it turned out, every American’s standard keyboard is a “QWERTY”—and has been since 1867!

“I knew that!” I yelled after him lamely, although he was long gone.

I discovered, too, in reading, that QWERTY—the first six keys on the top row of letters—were an inefficiency created by design. As typists got faster, they were constantly jamming the keys together at high speed. A leading manufacturer devised a new keyboard that moved the most common letters out of easy reach, intentionally slowing the typists down, instead of making the typewriter faster. Today, no typist can type fast enough to jam a word processor, yet the old keyboard design is still the well-entrenched standard.

There are plenty of people who view the gospel of Christ as an anachronism-out of date and out of step with life today. Jesus, however, remains the standard against which all others are judged.

While some feel He is superseded by more cosmic world views, those who accept Him marvel at His constancy. When we stay apace with Him, the document that is our life comes out right. Christ, although He is not new, after being tried, is always found true. Did you pass Him by? Perhaps it’s time to put Him in your “active window” once again.

David Atkins, The War Cry

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