The Answer Before the Call

Matthew 6:8

Dr. Ted Gabrielsen and his wife Jeannie were working at a small hospital in

Korea. Among their many problems was an acute shortage of medical supplies. They prayed a great deal and often received practical help from Canada, Britain, Australia and the USA.

Dr. Gabrielson, now a surgeon in the USA, takes up the story. “I was suffering from staph infections which had run rampant in our family during our first year in Korea. During that period of time we had not established any reasonable supply lines for the hospital and were using local fat-based soaps. I had contracted recurrent boils. When one began to reside in the long finger of my left hand it swelled to three times its normal size. As a surgeon the prospects of an infected finger that was not coming under control despite available antibiotics was daunting.”

At the time Dial soap was manufactured with hexachloraphene, which was subsequently removed from the general market in the United States because it was found to cause problems in children or infants when they were bathed with it. However, hexachloraphene was an effective germicidal agent that was mixed with soap to lower bacterial counts on people’s skin.

Dr. Gabrielsen telephoned his brother-in-law, Paul Rader, then in Seoul, and asked if he had access to any Dial soap in order that he could institute the same type of measures he had practiced previously. The then Captain Rader knew of no source for the soap in Korea. However, in the course of conversation, Rader indicated that a package had arrived in Seoul for him. Gabrielsen asked him to look to see what it contained as he did not recognize the name of the sender. When it was opened, it was a large box of Dial soap!

Dr. Gabrielsen reflects: “Before you call, I will answer” (Isaiah 65:24) is the important lesson here. In order for that box to be in Korea someone had to send it at least six to eight weeks ahead of time. So, the Lord had spoken to someone’s heart to send that long before we knew we needed it, and the infection was brought under control.”

“For your Father knows what you need before you ask Him” (Matthew 6:8).

Wesley Harris, Truth Stranger Than Fiction

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