Universal Culture in Christ

Luke 2:10

To view the Chinese as Asian is only half the truth. The term “Asian” lacks exact geographical boundaries. I am not a “minority” either, simply because I am not a quantity. Minorities in one place may become majorities in another. It suggests comparison instead of distinction.

I am a person in the family of man. I am Chinese by ancestry. The hard fact of sociology is not exactly what John Oxenham described in his song, “In Christ There Is No East or West.” The song is the theology of the love of God, not the sociology of man. For in Christ there is East and West. And such distinction is absolutely essential and ethical.

I am writing this book in English but with my Chinese mind. I am a Chinese-American, an honorable term earned with much blood and tears.

The simple truth is, as long as our sociologists separate man’s spiritual needs from his social needs everything will seem complicated. So our sociologists watching human perversity, political power plays and economic corruptions are totally helpless. They’ve reported the scene of disasters, but cannot redeem or reform.

Speaking of reform, that’s where Christianity comes in. Jesus Christ, as the transformer of culture, introduces a universal culture in which each race maintains its own distinction. But the goals and treatments toward the optimum are the same.

Jesus said, “My commandment is this: love each other as I have loved you”

(John 15:12). Dr. Lin Yutang regards this as “a natural, beautiful, new voice, never heard in history.” On this subject Hudson Taylor, founder of the China Inland Mission, said, “If I have one thousand lives, I would not withhold even one, but give them all to China.”

I have been asked which era of history I wished I could have lived in. I answered without any doubt, that time is now! For I am enjoying my journey which was paved with the blood and tears of the pioneers. Despite much disappointment, our endeavors have not been in vain, because God is so faithful to those who love Him.

Jesus is not the Savior of the East nor the West alone. He is the Savior of the whole human race everywhere. All who follow Him are walking in the Light where darkness is extinguished by a thousand rays!

Check Yee, For My Kinsmen’s Sake

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