Is There an Answer?

Yet I am always with You; You hold my right hand. You guide me with Your counsel.—Psalm 73:23-24

A devoted Christian man I knew married a widow who had a teenage son. The son was deeply rebellious, and the man, now his stepfather, grew very resentful toward him. One night, while the mother was away, they shared the same bedroom, and the man woke up in the middle of the night, finding himself trying to push the young man out of the bedroom window. Another push, and he would have fallen and been seriously injured. What had happened? The man told me that he had gone to sleep that night with a great bitterness in his heart toward his stepson. The subconscious mind is very receptive at the moment one drops into sleep, and the resentment his subconscious mind received precipitated an act which would have horrified him when conscious.

A little girl said, “I want to be good, but I don’t want to be obedient.” Her conscious mind wanted her to be known as good, but her subconscious mind, where self-centeredness was the driving urge, did not want to obey anything except itself. The minister who preaches full surrender to God yet yearns to be praised and complimented is suffering from a division between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The person who works hard at helping others but does it to meet some inner need rather than truly giving himself to the needs of others is inwardly divided. The question is: can the subconscious be reached by the Holy Spirit? With all my heart, I say it can. In the Holy Spirit, we are provided with a divine presence that redeems and unifies the whole personality.


Father, I am tired of inward division that threatens to tear me apart. Tame these wild horses within me that I might know Your perfect peace in every part of my being. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Further Study

Jms 1; Rm 7:22-23, 8:6; Isa 26:3; Php 4:8

What makes a man unstable?

What brings stability and peace?

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