Yet He was compassionate; He atoned for their guilt.—Psalm 78:38

If we are to go deeper with God, we need to know how to avail ourselves of God’s grace. Romans 5:17 talks about “those who receive the overflow of grace.” Though God’s grace may be abundant, it is only effective in our lives if it is received. But what do we mean by “grace”?

Grace is spoken of in both the Old and New Testaments, and the root meaning of the word is that of kindness and favor. In the New Testament it is used chiefly in connection with God’s undeserved mercy in redeeming humankind. Grace, as undeserved favor, is a term still used in business—especially the world of insurance. Sometimes a representative of a firm will write to a client and say something like this: “In the circumstances you have no claim, we will give you a certain sum as an act of grace.” They acknowledge no indebtedness, but out of their kindness (and in hope of business to come) they give the client something to which he has no legal right.

A definition of grace I like very much is this: “Grace is the strength God gives us to obey His commands.” Grace is not just a kindly attitude but an impartation of power, too. We can be sure that the people who seem to know God in a much deeper way than we do have received more of that power that God imparts “unmerited and free.” It is by grace that they leap over all the impediments on their onward way. Grace truly is amazing!


O God, help me look at the values of earth in the light of heaven. Show me the folly of accumulating riches, the absurdity of heaping together the treasures of earth. May I come to recognize what has the highest value of all—Your matchless grace. Amen.

Further Study

2Co 8:9; 12:9; 2Tm 2:1-10

How did Paul describe grace at work?

What was Paul’s admonition to Timothy?

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