VIDEO Angelic Array

Who makes His angels spirits and His ministers a flame of fire. Hebrews 1:7

Look out the window and you’ll see different kinds of birds flying about the trees, depending on where you live—robins, wrens, crows, maybe a heron or ibis. Think of the variety of flowers, fruits, gemstones, and birds alone. 

There is a great variety in creation. So, why would we expect every angel to be alike?

Much of this is still a mystery for us. But from passages of Scripture that speak of this, we learn there’s an array of angelic beings. Isaiah 6 describes an order of angels known as seraphim, and Ezekiel talks about cherubim. Two angels—Michael and Gabriel—are called archangels. The Bible speaks of the heavenly hosts as if they are great angelic armies organized by rank (Psalm 103:21) or great choirs organized by voice (Luke 2:13).

There are different types of angels with different purposes, just as with people; each is made to accomplish the tasks the Lord has for us. One day we’ll work and sing and worship side by side with angels. In fact, we’re doing it now more than we know. But oh, how wonderful to see them face to face!

I do not know how to explain it; I cannot tell how it is; but I believe angels have a great deal to do with the business of this world. Charles Haddon Spurgeon

The Angels of God – Hebrews 1 – Skip Heitzig

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