VIDEO Attention Getter #2: Be Active

For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation…. Ephesians 2:14

George Miller, 29, moved to a city far from family, so he adopted a golden retriever named Crosby. One day George found Crosby staring at the wall. This went on for days. Crosby was fixated at the wall. George decided to figure out the reason, so he opened a hole in the wall. Seeing nothing, he enlarged the hole and stuck his hand in. His fingers felt something move, and he pulled out a tiny kitten, safe and sound, but famished. No one is sure how the kitten got in the wall, but now George has two friends to keep him company.

Just on the other side of the wall of grace are people needing us. Christ has opened the wall, but we need to find ways of reaching our hands and hearts through the opening to help those on the other side. It’s tangible acts that enable us to put our hand through the wall and help them. We reach others with a kind spirit, and others will see God when we live out our faith.

Point someone to Jesus every passing day…. Make them think of Jesus all along the way. Lenore Harpster

Ephesians 2 (Part 4) :14-22 Created to Be One

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