Getting or Giving?

Matthew 25:31-46

I read recently of a little girl who finished her prayer saying, “And now, dear God, what can I do for You?” The writer went on to say that, inspite of her years, the girl was spiritually mature enough to see the other side of prayer. Getting form God should be balanced by giving to God.

It is the nature and spirit of League of mercy members—those devoted Salvationists who regularly visit hospitals and institutions of all kinds where people are in pain or have problems—to demonstrate their gratitude to God for all His love by carrying that love to others. What they get from God they return to Him in loving service for others

The achievements of love cannot ever really be computed or adequately recorded. Done as they are in the name and power of Christ, every kindness shown to someone else is, as Jesus Himself said, a kindness done to Him. A smile, a handclasp, a friendly word, a prayer, are all tools of League of Mercy workers as they follow their rounds, bringing good cheer and perhaps a new hope to the lonely patient of the housebound aged. No one, however, can calculate the eternal results that flow from the use of such simple means when those means are invested with divine love. Perhaps there are others, like the little girl, who, in such a service, would find the answer to the question: “And now, dear God, what can I do for You?”

Jean Brown, Excursions in Thought

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