Called to be Saints

1 Corinthians 1:2

When a man receives Christ, he gets more than he asked for. Most of us, taking our first steps toward Him, are seeking simply for pardon and experience real relief when we are assured that our sins are forgiven. Becoming more fully acquainted with the Bible and its teaching, we learn of what happened to us on that red-letter day. We were regenerated (born again), adopted (placed in God’s family), made heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ and much more.

The blessings received at conversion, either present or potential, are so immense that I have a feeling it will take all eternity to learn how much we received when Jesus came into our hearts.

We are given a new title immediately; we are called “saints.” It is one of the names for followers of Christ in the New Testament. Fellow believers, we are saints. What privileges the title implies, and what responsibilities!

There must be no downgrading of the greatness of God’s initial work of grace in the soul. For if a Christian is, at the moment he becomes a Christian, called a saint, that implies momentous things. First, that he has begun to be holy. One cannot receive Christ sincerely, Christ in His purity and burning love, and deliberately hold on to sinful practices, or carelessly tolerate evil thoughts and words.

Just as the new Christian regrets any lapse into sin and longs to be holier, so the title “saints” which he bears is a promise that he will indeed be made more Christlike, by grace. For a saint is a person in whom the Holy Spirit is producing an ever-growing resemblance to Jesus Christ.

It was Chrysostom who said that parents should always give a new baby a great name; it would provide the child with an ideal after which to strive. Turning possibilities into actualities is the Holy Spirit’s specialty! The God who sees the end from the beginning is the God who bestows a name that is a prophecy, and then proceeds to fulfill that prophecy.

Claiming us as His own, describing us as saints, our saving God sets our eyes on the heights. Let there be no doubt about it: God wants and intends to bring to completion the good work He has begun in you. He is faithful! (Philippians 1:6)

Edward Read, Burning, Always Burning

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