The Cement of Society

When a wicked man comes, contempt also does, and along with dishonor, disgrace.—Proverbs 18:3

Nobody gets away with anything in a moral universe if that “anything” is dishonest and untrue. The whole history of humanity is a commentary on this. Remember the first lie uttered by Satan: “You will not die”? He keeps on repeating that well-worn but discredited lie to every member of Adam’s race. Something dies in us the moment we are dishonest—not the least, our self-respect. Death eats away at our hearts the moment dishonesty is let in. We are not so much punished for sin as by sin. I came across a statement in a book in which the writer said, “There are two major principles for getting and keeping political power: (1) let nothing, least of all truth and honor, interfere with success; (2) be honest and trustworthy in the little things, but boldly dishonest in the large ones.” What would be the result of someone getting political power by following those two principles? I will tell you. Like blind Samson, they would pull down the pillars of society around their heads and the heads of others also.

It is the ten righteous men who spare the Sodoms of this world. Fidelity is the cement that holds society together; take it away and it destroys itself. I may be stretching imagination too far by saying this, but in my opinion the Christian presence, especially as it represents fidelity, holds the world on its course. Civilization would have disintegrated long ago were it not for the moral and Christian character that flows out of the church into the world.


Father, help me to be one who holds the world together by my character. And let the hallmark of my character be fidelity to truth and righteousness. In Jesus’ name I ask it. Amen.

Further Study

Mt 5:13-30; Mk 9:38-50; 1Th 1:8; Heb 11:4

When is salt useless?

For what did Paul commend the Thessalonians?

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