A Christian in a Nuclear Age

Matthew 5:9

To contemplate a nuclear conflict within our lifetime is, for most of us, to think the unthinkable. What parent among us has not pondered his sleeping child and tried to guess whether that young life will end prematurely in instantaneous vaporization or, even worse perhaps, will drain away in the lingering throes of radiation sickness? But it is not only the parent who harbors secret thoughts. Today’s child does not have to be very old before he becomes aware of the awful possibility of a world-consuming conflagration.

The Christian will not be fooled into thinking that the issues are political only. The Holy Spirit will guide him to a recognition of the deep moral questions at the heart of the matter. What can the individual Christian, who has no public influence or power, do to help?

Be as well-informed as possible. Be calm and at peace within your soul by daily walking close to the Lord who loves you. Remember that while missiles can be dismantled, knowledge cannot be uninvented, and so the human race has and will forever have the ability to destroy itself entirely in a short and measurable span of time. Pray therefore for the leaders of nations, for their military advisors, for the peace talks negotiators. Prayer means the individual Christian, without political power, may influence events in accordance with God’s will.

Refuse to see the presence of nuclear devices on our planet as inevitable. Do not leave the thinking or the voicing of opinions only to the politicians. They need our Christian help to clarify the moral issues. Work on public opinion, not stridently but wisely, within your own circle of friends and contacts.

Living in the nuclear age requires courage to face up to the awful possibilities for the future. We can pray to be granted courage, but let us pray also for God to raise up men and women with obedient Christian hearts and able Christian minds to give us a theology for a nuclear age. God is alive. Jesus is risen. God is Lord of every molecule, every atom, every nucleus. We are God’s appointed steward over the created order. The cross of Jesus speaks reconciliation.

Hope in an armed world? Only in Jesus can we find hope. Without Him, we are running out of time.

Shaw Clifton, Strong Doctrine, Strong Mercy

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