Deliverance from Fear

Be strong and courageous …. Don’t be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you.—1 Chronicles 28:20

If we are to have feet like “hinds’ feet,” we must ask God to rid our hearts of all and every fear. I am convinced that perhaps millions of Christians are held back from pursuing God by fear.

Not all fears are harmful. When fear is spelled with a small “f,” it can have useful, biological ends. It makes the frightened deer alert and fleet of foot; it makes the surgeon skillful, for he sees the dangers that beset him if he does the wrong thing. Fear harnessed to constructive ends may be constructive. When we use fear and control it, then it is good.

But when fear uses and controls us, it is bad. When fear becomes Fear with a capital “F,” it becomes fearsome. I am sure that you have known times, as I have, when God beckons to you, as He did with John in the Revelation, to “Come up here” (Rv 4:1), only to find that as your mind got ready to begin the journey, your heart suddenly became gripped with fear. You wanted to move upward, but your progress was halted because you could not mount “with all four feet.”

Overcoming fear ought to be one of our greatest objectives. The first spoken word of Luke’s Gospel was the voice of the angel: “Do not be afraid” (Lk 1:13). The first word of Jesus after His resurrection was: “Do not be afraid” (Mt 28:10). Between that first word and the last, the constant endeavor of Jesus was to help us get rid of fear. We must learn His secret.


O God, give me deliverance from every harmful and unproductive fear. I know this is a prayer that You delight to answer, for You have fashioned me for faith, not for fear. Help me, then, to surrender to what I am made for. Amen.

Further Study

1Ch 28:20; Mt 14:22-33; 17:1-8

What caused Peter to sink?

What did Jesus say to the disciples on the mountain?

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