Creativity Is Contagious

This man had four virgin daughters who prophesied.—Acts 21:9

Philip’s creative spirit heightened everything he touched. We find no evidence of spiritual staleness in his life. He was spiritually alert, spiritually alive, and spiritually creative.

Our text today tells us that he had four unmarried daughters who prophesied. We must not, of course, ignore the evident work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of these four women, but we must also recognize their father Philip’s creative influence in their lives. We often say, “Like father, like son.” Here it was a case of “Like father, like daughters.” Creativity is contagious.

When you consider that the society in which these daughters were born and brought up was a male-dominated one, the statement that Philip had “four daughters who prophesied” comes as a surprise. What caused these unmarried women to break the mold in which they found themselves and exercise their prophetic gifts? Popular opinion at the time said that women should remain in the background and take no part in public ministry. It was the Holy Spirit, of course, who inspired them to prophesy, but I think I see some of the marks of Philip’s creativity rubbing off on them also.

These young women did not stay at home and lament the fact that they were not married. If they could not be creative on a physical level, they could be creative on a spiritual level. Some of the greatest work in the kingdom of God has been done by the spiritual descendants of the daughters of Philip—single women who have had their creativity blocked on one level but have released it on another level.


Father, I want to thank You today for the ministry of those in Your kingdom who, while remaining single, have produced great and creative achievements. We appreciate them, but as You have taught us, we give all the honor to You. Amen.

Further Study

1Co 7; Mt 19:12

What does Jesus teach about singleness?

How did Paul reinforce this?

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