Discovering Your Gifts

1 Corinthians 12:7

There is a trend today for questionnaires which are designed to help you discover which gift or gifts of the Spirit have been given to you. I sometimes wonder how we ever managed to know what God was up to before these questionnaires hit the market!

It takes time to realize what abilities God is placing within you. Remember that you have natural talents and abilities which will be enormously enhanced when used for God’s purposes and the benefit of others. In addition, the Holy Spirit will gift you supernaturally with at least one spiritual gift. Be patient. Remain open. Stay humble.

Do not rush to conclude that a particular gift is yours. Allow yourself time and opportunity to realize with a steadily growing conviction that God has granted you something specific. Doors will open to you presenting situations in which you can be of service and calling for some ability or another. Take these opportunities and assess your progress for yourself. Did it go well? Did you feel at ease? How costly to you in nervous energy was the experience? Did anyone seem helped? Has anyone told you they were helped or encouraged by what you did or said? A sensible and prayerful consideration of questions like these will help you to know the direction in which the Lord is working in you. You would be wise also, once you have been able to experiment a bit, to talk things over with a mature Christian friend or leader.

Later years may bring a discovery of still further gifts and abilities. The Lord is always ready to surprise us and to do a new thing! He is also ready to remove from us that which has been received from Him but which has been selfishly used, for example, for personal glory or boasting. That is why, once we know the gift He has bestowed, we ought never to cease to thank Him for it and to plead with Him for grace to use it properly and in a spirit of Christlike love.

Shaw Clifton, Never the Same Again

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