I Believe God!

Acts 27:25

Paul was a passenger on a ship about to be wrecked when he said, “I believe God!” Many of his shipmates had already given up hope of surviving the ordeal. But Paul told them of his faith in God and his certainty that, in spite of winds and waves, all on board would get to land safely. Said Paul, “I believe God!” (Acts 27:25 NLT).

This is a declaration of faith. Others stared in numbed despair at the fury of the elements, their voices muted in fear. Paul spoke, not to cry in terror, but to testify to his faith in God and God’s promised deliverance.

Our world needs this kind of Christian witness. Fearful things may be happening; even more terrifying things may be forecast. The world that now is may be heading for certain shipwreck. But God and righteousness and truth will endure. Witness to this in the midst of personal turmoil or world confusion. Give voice to your faith and say, “I believe God!”

This is an attitude of expectation. Paul’s reaction to varying situations was automatic and consistent because his dominant mood was faith. Attitude is much more important than circumstances. Real environment is created by the state or quality of our feelings. Situations are faced with faith or fear, thankfulness or complaints, cheerfulness or dejection, according to our prevailing attitude. Paul stood on the deck of that doomed vessel among a group of men who had already given up. They saw only dark danger. Paul saw God and bright expectation when he said, “I believe God!”

This is a realized experience. It was experiential—it reached back into the past. Active faith in God soon acquires personal precedents. Paul had “memory markers,” and when he stood on that quivering deck and said, “I believe God,” he was making a statement grounded in part in his own previous encounters and observations.

His experience was also experimental—it reached forward into the future. Paul had faith in God for the present and the coming emergency. His complete statement was, “I believe God, it will be just as He said.”

Your private world may be shipwrecked. You may face discouraging, fearful prospects. Have faith in God. Say, “I believe God!” Make it an expression of an inner attitude, and it will become the declaration of a daily experience.

Bramwell Tripp, To the Point

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