Not a Private Fight

Do not be afraid or discouraged … for the battle is not yours, but God’s.—2 Chronicles 20:15

The spiritual application of the helmet of salvation is not so much the enjoyment of our present salvation (though it includes that) as it is the assurance that a sure salvation is coming—and is even now at work.

This is what we need to know if we are to prevent the Devil from bringing us into a state of mental distress—not merely that things will finally end right, but that God’s plan is being worked out now. “History,” writes Ray Stedman, an American Bible teacher, “is not a meaningless jumble but a controlled pattern, and the Lord Jesus Christ is the one who is directing these events.”

The attack of Satan on the mind proceeds differently. He says to us: “Just look around you at the state of the world. God seems powerless to put things right. He has given lots of promises that things will one day get better, but none has come to pass. Hadn’t you better give up this foolish idea that it’s all going to work out right?”

If you were to let your mind dwell on that kind of satanic argument, you would soon find yourself in distress. The answer is to put on the helmet, the hope of salvation. You must remind yourself that things are not as they appear. The battle is not ours, but the Lord’s. We may be individual soldiers fighting in the army of God, but the ultimate cause is sure and the end is certain. We need not be unduly troubled by what is happening in the world, for our commander is not just winning—He has already won!


Lord Jesus, I am grateful that the Cross is the guarantee that neither sin nor Satan will ever defeat You. Your victory at Calvary has settled forever the question of who has the final word in the universe. I am so deeply, deeply thankful. Amen.

Further Study

Lk 21:10-28; Jn 14:1-4; 16:33

How did Jesus describe the world?

What did He say to His disciples?

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