The Ceaseless Creator

May my meditation be pleasing to Him; I will rejoice in the Lord.—Psalm 104:34

Dr. Douglas Speere says that with advancing years, “Our greatest danger is not hardening of the arteries but hardening of the attitudes.” We harden our viewpoint, refusing to look at anything beyond it. We groove our thinking and acting, and the grooves get deeper until they -become graves that bury us. As someone put it: “You don’t grow old; you get old by not growing.” Some people are dead at 40, although their funerals are postponed until they are 60. For many Christians, life has settled into ruts—mental, physical, and spiritual ruts. “And a rut,” said someone, “is a grave with ends knocked out.” In Canada I saw a dirt road leading off the main highway which had a sign on it that read: “Choose your rut—you will be in it for the next 20 miles.” When New Year’s Day comes, many could say to themselves: “I’d better choose my rut, for I’ll be in it for the next 365 days.” Life for them is not an adventure. It holds no surprises, offers no excitement, and is uncreative. My friend, I beg you, open your mind to God today and don’t resist the Divine Eagle as He prepares to push you out into a more creative way of thinking, acting, and living. Someone has said that the last words of the church when it is taken up to heaven will be these: “It has never been done like this before.” Focus your mind once again on today’s psalm, and keep in mind that the God who created all things desires to live, move, and think in you.


O Father, You who are a ceaseless Creator, make me a ceaseless creator. Break the molds of my thinking patterns, and give me new ones. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Col 2; Isa 11:2; Mt 13:15; 1Co 1:25; Rm 11:33

What are the characteristics of Christ’s thoughts?

How are they opposed to human philosophy and tradition?

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