A Faithful Witness

Acts 1:8

A gain and again the same vocation and commission is bestowed upon the apostles and disciples. To the ends of the earth and to the end of time this commission comes down to every one of the Lord’s own: “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). That embraces us. And to every disciple who has preceded, or is to follow us, is promised His divine presence in this glorious work of testifying for Him.

God needs witnesses in this world. Why? Because the whole world is in revolt against Him. The world has gone away from God. The world ignores God, denies and contradicts His character, government and purposes.

He has had His faithful witnesses from the beginning until now. As the apostle says, “He left not Himself without witness” (Acts 14:17 KJV). Down from the days of Enoch, who walked with God, to this present hour, God has always had His true and faithful witnesses. In the worst times there have been some burning and shining lights. Sometimes few and far between, sometimes, like Noah, one solitary man in a whole generation of men, witnessing for God—but one, at least, there has been. God has not left Himself without witness.

Jesus Christ, the well-beloved of the Father, was the great witness. He came especially to manifest, to testify of and to reveal the Father to men. This was His great work. He came not to testify of Himself, but of His Father. He came to reveal God to men. He was the “Faithful and True Witness” (Revelation 3:14 NKJV). And when He had to leave the world and go back to His Father, then He commissioned His disciples to take His place and to be God’s witnesses on earth.

Witnesses, you know, must deal with the facts, not theories, about what they know. Now God wants His people to witness to fact. And He wants us to be good witnesses, too. How much depends upon the character of a witness even in an earthly court! If you can cast a reflection upon the character or the veracity of a witness, you shake his testimony and take away its value. How important that Christ’s witnesses should truly represent Him and His truth.

He wants us to be faithful witnesses. Every day I live, the more I am convinced that if God’s people were to be in desperate earnest, thousands would be won. Witness! Witness! The Lord help you.

Catherine Booth, Aggressive Christianity

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