Your Word Is Righteous


You are righteous, Lord, and Your judgments are just. The decrees You issue are righteous and altogether trustworthy. My anger overwhelms me because my foes forget Your words. Your word is completely pure, and Your servant loves it. I am insignificant and despised, but I do not forget Your precepts. Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and Your instruction is true. Trouble and distress have overtaken me, but Your commands are my delight. Your decrees are righteous forever. Give me understanding, and I will live (Psalm 119 vv. 137-144).

The psalmist is filled with deep love and reverence for the law. Because the Lord is righteous, his Word is also folly trustworthy. The Lord’s promises are fully reliable because they have been thoroughly tried, tested, and proven.

But all is not well here. The psalmist is almost worn out with zeal. His enemies ignore the Word of God. He is feeling lowly and despised. Arnold Schoenberg said, “Dissonances are more difficult to comprehend than consonances.” Horace labeled it “harmony in discord.” The psalmist is alluding to the “discordant harmony” of his existence.

But his depression cannot obliterate his memory of the law. Continual trouble and distress do not snatch away his ingrained delight in the Lords commands, No matter how lonely or how oppressed he feels, God’s Word stands unaffected.

What a comfort to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Word of God is absolutely trustworthy and reliable! May we not let technological change, moral relativism, scientific advances, or intellectual pride rob us of our confidence in God’s eternal Word!

Personal Prayer

O Lord, I praise you and thank you for your flawless Word!

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