I Rejoice In Your Promise


Princes have persecuted me without cause, but my heart fears [only] Your word. I rejoice over Your promise like one who finds vast treasure. I hate and abhor falsehood, [but] I love Your instruction. I praise You seven times a day for Your righteous judgments. Abundant peace belongs to those who love Your instruction; nothing makes them stumble. Lord, I hope for Your salvation and carry out Your commands. I obey Your decrees and love them greatly. I obey Your precepts and decrees, for all my ways are before You (Psalm 119 vv. 161-168).

What a sunny, bright, and joyful passage! The psalmist has the distinction of having both loved and kept the law. Now the music in his heart spills across the page in a lilting progression of praise: “I rejoice over Your promise” (v. 162).”Ihope for Your salvation” (v. 166).”I obey Your decrees and love them greatly” (v. 167). I’m reminded of the tumbling, dancing counterpoint in a Bach invention or fugue.

This musician has taken his stand for God’s law and has consequently suffered persecution at the hands of heathen rulers. He is not driven by selfish ambition, nor is he achievement oriented. He is not experiencing a midlife crisis. Rather, he’s exulting in the “great spoil” he has found in God’s Word. This “find” far surpasses earthly treasures—masterpieces of art and literature, wealth and possessions, even great music! God’s Word has turned his life inside out.

I long to be radically changed—to know the psalmist’s peace and stability, his patience and personal obedience. I want to love and follow the Word so that I’ll be turned inside out!

Personal Prayer

O Lord, may my heart rejoice in your Word! Let me learn to love you with an intensity that is refected in everything I do or write or sing!

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