Submission To God

I lift my eyes to You, the One enthroned in heaven. Like a servant’s eyes on His master’s hand, like a servant girl’s eyes on her mistress’s hand, so our eyes are on the Lord our God until He shows us favor (Psalm 123 vv. 1-2).

Maclaren, internationally celebrated Scottish pulpiteer, called this psalm “a sigh and an upward gaze and a sigh!”

In this brief passage a slave lifts his eyes to God and cries out for mercy and deliverance from contempt. He places himself in complete submission to God with the faith that the One who sits enthroned in the heavens can help him. He finds his confidence in the exalted majesty of God. As a slave looks to his master and as a maid looks to her mistress, so also do “our eyes are on the Lord our God, until He shows us favor” (v. 2).

One of Mom’s favorite songs was “There Is No Problem.” When I play it, I think of her and of her loving counsel.

Personal Prayer

May I lift up my eyes to you, today, O Lord, and lay my burdens at your throne.

A Contemporary Lyric

There Is No Problem

There is no problem

that Jesus cannot solve,

And not a need

He cannot satisfy;

There is no heartache

He cannot understand,

He is omniscient

and knows the reasons why.

CHORUS So I can trust

Him when I’m hurting deep inside—

And I can pray to

Him in whom I may confide;

There is no pain

my Lord has never known

Because He’s Lord,

I lay my burdens at His throne.

There is no valley

where Jesus has not been,

And not a test

that He has ever failed;

There is no conflict

He cannot comprehend—

He is the Savior

Who on a cross was nailed.

Words and music by Don Wyrtzen © 1981 by Singspiration.

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