The Blessings of a Pure Heart

Ephesians 5:25-27

A pure heart will ensure a holy life, a life fashioned after the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. It will, at the best, be very imperfect, have many weaknesses, and be subjected to many mistakes; but still, according to the light possessed, it will be a holy life.

Such a man is honest and faithful in all his worldly dealings. He has an honest heart. His word is his bond. He has a true heart. He neither shirks his duty nor wastes his time. He has an industrious heart. He is loving to his wife, tender to his children, faithful to his comrades, gentle to the weak. He has a kind heart. He is compassionate. He pities the poor, yearns over the backslider, fights for the salvation of sinners.

A pure heart will give you peace. It is a condition of peace. You must not expect a life of uninterrupted gladness in the world. But the peace of God is your birthright and, with a pure heart, the treasure shall be yours.

Purity of heart is the condition on which God will enter and dwell in your soul. God wants to live with you, not only in your home, but in your very heart.

A pure heart will make you a blessing to those around you. A pure heart makes a good life. Goodness is attractive; men respect it and are drawn to it, for what it is in itself. So it is with the soldier who enjoys purity of heart and lives in harmony with the experience. A holy influence will be going out from him all the time, not only from what he says and does, but from what he is himself.

Now I affirm, on the authority of the Bible, that Jesus Christ your Savior is able and willing to keep you from doing wrong. First, you cannot doubt God’s ability to make and keep you from sin. He who made you and sustains you in being, who redeemed you on the cross, can surely do this for you. He who will raise you from the dead and land you at last safely in heaven, is surely able to keep you from breaking His commandments all the rest of the short time you have to spend in this world. I am sure He can.

It may be a difficult task, perhaps, fixed as you are. But God will be equal to the undertaking. He has saved you from many sins already. Evil habits and passions that used to reign over you have been mastered.

And then, if God is able to make and keep you pure, you cannot question His willingness to do it. God tells us in the Bible in plain language that He wants to make you holy. Jesus Christ came into the world, lived and suffered and died that you might be made holy.

William Booth, Purity of Heart

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