Authentic in an Artificial World

2 Corinthians 1:12

We live and move daily among artificiality. We are growing tired of living with the cheap, the deceptive, the artificial. We want authenticity. We want to be real. We seek the truth. We want our lives to count for something.

What is the secret to living an authentic Christian life in this artificial world?

First, it is to know Christ. We share a faith which is rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ—a belief that one day God in Christ came to take away our sin and, through His death on Calvary, made us free. Free from the penalty of sin. Free from the power of sin. Our Bible tells us that we’re just pilgrims here, and the journey shall not end until we see Him face to face in the place He is preparing for us.

The second requisite for an authentic life is Christ living in us. The old song says, “You ask me how I know He lives,” and then affirms, “He lives within my heart!” The best proof of an authentic believer is one who every day lives out his faith in Christ. The desperate circumstances of people all about us require that we possess a real, living and vital relationship with Christ.

Finally, the authentic Christian in this artificial world is one in whom is the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Our Lord informed those first disciples that He would be leaving them, but that He would send the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, whom He assured “will be in you” (John 14:17).

The Holy Spirit was instrumental in our redemption, working in us the miracle of salvation. But we don’t have it all if the Holy Spirit has not brought full cleansing and complete freedom. That’s what God wills for His children. We are not meant to stumble through life as carnal Christians. So let us rise up to the rich spiritual inheritance God has for us.

God wants us to be real, genuine, authentic. It will make a difference in our motives, relationships, deeds, attitudes and the way we affect others around us.

Thank God we can know Him, He can live in us and there take up His dwelling forever!

Israel L. Gaither, The Salvationist Pulpit

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