Danger—the Devil at Work

Your adversary the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour.—1 Peter 5:8

A woman said to me once: “I think you are giving too much credit to the Devil. He is such an insignificant person compared to God that we ought not even mention his name.” In one way I can sympathize with this view, for when you listen to some Christians talk, you get the impression that they have a small God and a big devil.

It would be unrealistic to think, however, that we can go through life without coming into direct contact with Satan and his forces. What is even more unrealistic is to think that many (though certainly not all) of the problems which confront us day by day have no devilish strategy behind them.

Satan is responsible for more of our individual woes and international wars, our crime and violence, our human sorrow, sickness, and death than we may believe. The late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said: “I am certain that one of the main causes of the ill state of the church today is the fact that the Devil is being forgotten…. We are ignorant of this great objective fact—the being, the existence of the Devil, the adversary, the accuser, and his fiery darts.”

Does the thought of doing battle with the Devil frighten you? Then heed the words of Corrie ten Boom, who said: “The fear of the Devil is most likely from the Devil himself.” God has given us all the protection we need to defend ourselves against the attacks of Satan, and when we know how to avail ourselves of this protection, we will no longer be afraid of the Devil. Rather, he will be afraid of us.


O God, as I go deeper into this subject, I am becoming increasingly aware of the intensity of the spiritual battle in which I am engaged. Dispel every fear that may arise in me, and show me the way to power and victory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

2Co 2:1-11; 11:3; 2Th 2:9

What did Paul say about his knowledge of the Devil?

What was his reason?

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