The “Who” Of Praise

Let everything that breathes praise the Lord. Hallelujah! (Psalm 150 v. 6).

Who should praise the Lord? The psalmist answers in verse 6. “Everything that breathes” should praise the Lord. All of creation should be involved (Ps. 148:7-12). Infants and children are included (8:2). Even animals are included (Job 38-41). Worship is not the exclusive province of pastors, Christian celebrities, or worship leaders. All believers should join the creation in exalting and honoring the Lord. It’s a privilege and joy!

In fact, when we sing, our Lord sings with us! When we worship, he worships with us (Ps. 22:22; Heb, 2:12). The believer has no higher calling!

Personal Prayer

Dear Lord, may I praise you with every breath I take!

And may I so inspire others with the music you give

me that all creation will join in the chorus!

A Praise Hymn

Our Sacrifice of Praise

We bow and worship Him, our Lord and King—

Forever and ever His praise we’ll sing;

To Him all honor, love, and thanks we bring—

And to His attributes we cling.

We’ll tell the world the glory of His name—

And tell how for sinners the Savior came;

We’ll spread thru all the earth His wondrous fame—

Unchanging, always He’s the same!

Jesus our Saviour lives forevermore—

He rose from the grave to die no more;

His mercy, grace and glory we explore—

And, winged by faith, our spirits soar.

He is deserving of all thanks and praise—

With joy overflowing our hearts we raise;

We’ll sing and sing of Him for endless days—

This is our sacrifice of praise!

Words and music by Don Wyrtzen © 1973 Singspiration.

(Based on Hebrews 13:15.)

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