The Majesty of Man

You made him little less than God and crowned him with glory and honor (Psalm 8 v. 5).

When compared to the vastness of the universe, I am infinitesimal. Yet even though I am dwarfed by the magnitude of God’s creation, I have profound meaning and significance because I am made in God’s image (Gen. 1:26-27). Because his glory is revealed not only in nature but also in me, I possess majesty. Even though I may not like certain things about myself (my height, my weight, my age), I need to remember that I am a reflection of the image of God.

Humanism has deified man and attempted to make him the “measure of all things.” I sometimes overreact to this and think that I am nothing. But I am only a little lower than the angels in God’s hierarchy. I am crowned with glory and honor, I reflect God’s glory just as much as the starry heavens do.

Unlike the animals, which also reflect God’s incredible imagination, I have a sense of my own existence and I can experience community. But even more significant, I can pray directly to the Lord of hosts. Because I’m part of God’s family, the universe isn’t meaningless and empty; it is my home.

In size I may be infinitesimal, but in worth I am infinitely valuable because I reflect God’s glory.

Personal Prayer

Lord, help me to think soberly and objectively about myself. May I not get so wrapped up in my weaknesses that I forget that your glory and majesty are revealed in me.

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