The Mind of Christ (cont.)

Romans 12:2

In response to Paul’s challenge in Philippians 2:5, we address the question,

“What is the mind of Christ?”

To have the mind of Christ is to love as He loved and serve as He served. Brigadier Josef Korbel was for ten years imprisoned in the communist labor camp in Czechoslovakia. He and the other prisoners were near starvation and issued but one piece of bread each day. When other prisoners devoured their food, Korbel divided his into three pieces. One he ate slowly and the other two he kept in his pocket. Later in the day as he ate his second piece, a fellow prisoner would eye him jealously and say, “Where did you get extra bread?” Korbel would reply, “Nowhere. I have kept some of my own back. Have a share of mine.” Then, starving himself, he would give his last piece to the ravenous fellow prisoner. No wonder his selfless love made such an impression on others that many of his fellow prisoners came to accept the Christ whom Korbel loved and served.

Finally, the mind of Christ had an awareness of evil. Jesus saw the world as a battleground between the forces of good and evil. The more holy the life, the more alert is the mind to the approach of sin and wrong.

Besides the Lord’s testing in the wilderness, Christ faced temptation throughout the whole of His life, right up to those agonizing moments when He hung on the cross, and the mocking Jews tempted Him to come down and prove Himself the Son of God.

As the power of the Holy Spirit enabled Him to resist every clever enticement of the devil, so the Holy Spirit will give us a conscience quick to feel the approach of evil, sensitive to the danger of rationalization, sensitive to the easy acceptance of the world’s standards and to those sins which so easily beset us and trip us up, sensitive to wrong relationships, self-indulgence, pettiness, greed and pride.

Let us ask ourselves, am I as sensitive to evil as I should be? Do I have the mind of Christ to resist every approach of wrong? Let this sensitive mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.

We ask, how can I live like that? How can I have the mind of Christ—obedient to God, concerned for others, sensitive to sin? The Apostle Paul writes in Romans 12:2: “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” It is the Holy Spirit’s work to shape our thoughts to the thoughts of Christ, to align our will to His will, to shed abroad His love in our hearts. The Holy Spirit transforms our attitudes to those of Christ.

Eva Burrows, The Salvationist Pulpit

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