On a Wing and a Prayer

Job 5:9

Ian Knop for many years had his home in Perth, Australia. There he had a part in starting a new Christian congregation, and just as a hobby he kept half a dozen white ducks behind a wire netting fence in his backyard.

One day his wife warned him that he needed to clip the wings of the ducks, as some of them seemed to be trying to get over the fence. He said that he would do the job on Saturday when he was home from work. However, late on Friday afternoon as Ian was watching from his veranda, one of the ducks which happened to be a bit lame stretched its wings, flew over the netting and disappeared behind the house.

Somewhat surprised, Ian ran into the street, but the duck was nowhere to be seen. He went to the next street, but again there was no sign of the bird. Although he inquired of almost everyone he met no one had seen the rather improbable suburban sight of a white duck flying or walking about. Time went by and the mystery of the missing duck remained unsolved.

Almost a year later the truth came out, and what had happened to the lame duck became known. Ian had attended a Sunday night service when the theme had been on answers to prayer. As the weather was rough he offered a ride home to a woman in the congregation who lived four streets from where he lived himself and who had experienced a hard life with a drunken husband and their five children.

As they drove along, the woman kept up a stream of comments on this and that and then remarked on the lovely meeting they had shared thinking about answers to prayer. She said: “I know God answers prayer. Believe it or not, about a year ago on a Friday night I was standing on my veranda praying to God because I had little money with which to buy meat or other food for the family over the weekend.”

“Suddenly, a white duck came out of the sky and landed just in front of me. It had a little bit of a limp but otherwise it was a lovely bird, and a real answer to prayer. In no time I had killed it and had it ready for the pot and we had all the meat we needed. Wasn’t that wonderful!”

Ian resisted the temptation to reveal that it was his loss that had been her gain! God’s servant of old reminds us, “He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted” (Job 5:9).

Wesley Harris, Truth Stranger than Fiction

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