Victory March

Lord, the king finds joy in Your strength. How greatly he rejoices in Your victory! You have given him his heart’s desire and have not denied the request of his lips. Selah For the king relies on the Lord; through the faithful love of the Most High he is not shaken. Be exalted, Lord, in Your strength; we will sing and praise Your might (Psalm 21 vv. 1-2, 7, 13).

After pouring out my soul in lament and prayer, I need to wait patiently for the Lord to answer. As he answered David, he also will answer me. In Psalm 21, a glorious royal hymn, David celebrated the Lord’s answer to his petition, The Lord brought victory rather than defeat, gave life instead of death, and blessed David by granting him his heart’s desire.

Even under pressure David modeled stability and security. I too need to grasp that my safety, steadiness, and confidence are based on God’s loyal love (see Rom. 8:35-39). David’s faith, centered squarely on the rock-solid, permanent, eternal love of the Lord, stabilized and strengthened him.

David didn’t win the battle with his own strength, expertise, or military genius. But that didn’t diminish his exhilaration. To celebrate God’s victory, David wrote glorious music. Like David, I too will sing praise when I lift up my life to the Lord, and he will bring music back into my life.

Personal Prayer

Lord, may I learn to throw a party to celebrate your glory, majesty, and unfailing love.

The Language of Music


Music for soldiers, usually involving strongly accented beats in groups of four.

Marches are usually dignified, ceremonial, and military. A good example is Arthur Sullivans stirring hymn, “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

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