To Look at You

They saw no one except Him—Jesus alone.—Matthew 17:8

When we gaze at Christ’s face and make Him the center of our attention and love, then we are gradually and continuously changed into the likeness of Christ. Thus we are transformed from one degree of glory to another, the Spirit within us being the silent Artist who makes us into His image. We become like Him in character and in countenance.

A young man was so much like his father in appearance that it prompted everyone who knew him to comment on the fact. The mother said: “It’s strange, because when Andrew was a small child, he looked so much like me. Then, when he was about five, he became intrigued with being with his father. He used to go into his father’s study and sit there until his father would say, ‘Is there anything you want?’ Andrew would reply, ‘No, I don’t want anything; I just want to look at you.’ He would sit there and lovingly gaze into his father’s face for such a long time that I honestly believe this is how he has come to look so much like him.”

Just as there is a law in photography that says: “The angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection”—in other words, if you want a full-face reproduction, you must look full-face into the camera—so there is a law in life that causes us to become like that on which we gaze. If we look sideways on Christ, we get only a partial reflection. If we look fully at Him, we get a full reflection. We become like that on which we gaze.


My Lord and my God, forgive me that so often I just give You a sideways glance when I ought to be continuously gazing into Your Face. Help me to behold You, so that I am transformed from what I am into what You are. Amen.

Further Study

Mk 5:1-20; Lk 23:44-49; Mt 27:55-56

What was the centurion’s response?

What did the demoniac do when he saw Jesus?

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