God’s Presence, Wonderfully Real

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. —Matthew 5:6

There are qualities in God that can never be explained to the intellect and can only be known by the heart, the innermost being. That is why I say that I do believe in feeling.

I believe in what the old writers called religious affection—and we have so little of it because we have not laid the groundwork for it. The groundwork is repentance and obedience and separation and holy living!

I am confident that whenever this groundwork is laid, there will come to us this sense of the other-worldly Presence of God and it will become wonderfully, wonderfully real. ICH075

The deeper life is a continual discovery of how fully Jesus satisfies the deep yearnings of our hearts.

Do we long to be holy? The indwelling Christ offers Himself to us as our holiness!

Do we long to know our Father, God? Christ is the Revealer of the Father!

Do we long for power that enables a fruitful ministry? Christ, by His Holy Spirit, is that power! JJJ048


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