Seedtime and Harvest

Galatians 6:7

Seedtime and harvest. They are inseparably linked, but always occurring at different times and under differing conditions. Seedtime speaks to us of the spring, while harvest speaks to us of the fall. Springtime is fertility; autumn is fruition. The inexorable springtime and autumn, seedtime and harvest, point to a vindication of faith in the process of natural growth which fulfills God’s purpose and promises.

Who is the mastermind who can define the process which transforms a black, ugly, twisted mass of autumn roots into the roses of springtime? Who can explain how a seed falls into the bosom of springtime and dies, only to reproduce itself a thousand times in the golden grain of harvest?

Springtime and harvest, uncompromising, follow the law of identical harvest. If the earth receives seeds of wheat, the harvest will be wheat. If corn is received, the harvest will be corn. The law of identical harvest says that one reaps what one sows. Whatever you put into the ground, into your body, into your mind, into your heart—is what you will get back.

I have heard advice given to young people today that all should have the opportunity to “sow their wild oats.” Personally, I am not too attracted to wild oats, and I find this kind of thinking to be fallacious double-talk. Instead, these young people should hear that if one chooses to sow wild oats, one must bear the responsibility of reaping them as well. The law of identical harvest is: what we plant, we reap.

Every person continually sows and plants. Each of us puts seeds of one kind or another into the ground of our character by the choices we make. The seeds dictate the nature of the harvest. In the holy presence of God one must examine the nature of seeds already planted and find ways to pluck them from our lives.

God is not mocked. What we plant is what we reap. We get back more than what we put into life, whether it be good or evil. What seeds are we sowing in our life? Psychologist Abraham Maslow said, “The test of any person is does he bear fruit. Is he fruitful?”

So what will the harvest be in your life? My father once wrote: “Let us plant the memories, the traditions of yesterday; let us water them with our tears and warm them with the sunshine of devotion and service, and may God grant to us a rich harvest of souls.” Those are the seeds we must all sow and the harvest we must all seek.

Robert L. Docter, The Salvationist Pulpit


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