Spirit-Aided Praying

The Spirit is the One who gives life.—John 6:63

The more I consider “praying in the Spirit,” the more convinced I am that the majority of Christians do not know what it means to pray in this particular way. Many are content to recite prayers and know nothing of the thrill of entering a dimension of prayer in which the Holy Spirit has full control.

Not that there is anything wrong with liturgical or written prayers—they can be a wonderful primer for one’s spiritual pump. Many people tell me that the prayers I frame at the end of each devotion in Every Day with Jesus have sometimes helped them more than the actual notes I have written. Using written prayers can be helpful, but we must heed the apostle’s exhortation to move on into that dimension which he calls “praying in the Spirit.” The best description of this I have ever heard is that given by some of the old Welsh preachers, like Daniel Rowlands, Christmas Evans, and others. They describe it as “praying with unusual liberty and freedom.”

There is hardly anything more wonderful in the Christian life than to experience this “liberty and freedom” in prayer. I can remember the minister and elders of the church in which I was converted in South Wales saying after a prayer meeting in which there had been great liberty and power: “Tonight we have prayed in the Spirit.”

Have you not experienced moments when, after struggling and halting in prayer, you were suddenly taken out of yourself and words just poured out of you? At that moment, you were “praying in the Spirit.”


O Father, forgive me that I try to do so much in my own strength instead of learning how to let You do it in me. Teach me how to let go and let You take over in everything—particularly my praying. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

2Co 3:6-18; Mt 6:7-8; 1Co 14:15; Jd 20

What does the Spirit of the Lord bring?

What are we to avoid when we pray?

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