Go to the Book!

My mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips: when I remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee.Psalm 63:5-6

What are we allowing the Word of God to say to us, and what is our reaction to that Word? Have we consumed and digested the Book? Have we absorbed the Word of God into our lives?…

When we, as Christians, love our Lord Jesus Christ with heart and soul and mind, the Word of God is on our side! If we could only grasp the fact that God’s Word is more than a book! It is the revelation of divine truth from the person of God Himself. It has come as a divine communication in the sacred Scriptures. It has come to us in the guidance and conviction imparted by the divine Spirit of God within our beings. It has been modeled for us in Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word and the eternal Son….

God is not silent, and His love for His creation is such that He has never been silent. JIV164-165

Every problem that touches us is answered in the Bookstay by the Word!…God is in this Book, the Holy Spirit is in this Book, and if you want to find Him, go into this Book. COU136

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