The Habits of a Holy Life

Bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things.1 Timothy 4:8

Let me return to the root of this whole matter—are we Christians willing to be regular in the habits of a holy life, thus learning from the Holy Spirit how to be dependable and faithful, unselfish and Christlike?

The crops in the field are regular, and the birds and the animals have a regularity of life. We see it in the rising and the setting of the sun, and in the regularity of the phases of the moon.

The Old Testament revelation itself was built around regularity. It is said of the old man of God that he went into the temple of God in the order of his course and everything in the temple was laid out in order.

God has ordained, as well, that order and regularity may be of immense value to the Christian life….[L]earn to be regular in your prayer life, in your giving to God and His work and in your church attendance. WPJ025-026

God would have His people learn regular holy habits and follow them right along day by day. He doesn’t ask us to become slaves to habits, but He does insist that our holy habits of life should become servants of His grace and glory. WPJ027

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