Creative Commonplace

They chose Stephen, a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit, and Philip.—Acts 6:5

No matter what happens to you or when it happens to you, it is never too late to become creative. Pray as one man did who was on the verge of going insane: “O Jesus, come into my soul, my mind, my body, into every brain cell, and help me to be a contributive person.” Jesus did come into every brain cell, and that man is now well and contributing to the kingdom of God in an astonishing way.

I wonder, am I talking today to someone who feels they are caught up in so many routines that they are in the rut? Routines often become (if I might coin a word) “rut”-ines. They make us into grooved, non-creative individuals unless—and this is the point—unless we make the commonplace a creative place. And how do we do that? By the creative spirit we bring to it.

Someone has described Philip the evangelist as “a third-rate man in a second-rate task who did a first-rate job.” He was quite different from the Philip who was one of Christ’s group of twelve disciples. He didn’t have the privilege of having been chosen as one of the apostolic band. He was instead one of “the seven” whose task was “to wait on tables.” He might have folded up under these limitations and said: “I am in a rut.” Instead, he accepted the commonplace as a consecrated place and gently pushed against the barriers until they broke. His creativity marks him out as one of the greatest characters of the New Testament.


O God, help me to turn all common places into creative places. Give me the attitude of Your servant Philip, who turned a routine task into a redemptive one. In Jesus’ name I pray this. Amen.

Further Study

Col 3:1-10; 2Co 5:17; Rm 12:2

In what image is the new self made?

What are you creating at present?

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