VIDEO In Remembrance of Me

The one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out. John 6:37

The Church of the Holy Trinity in Sunderland, England, is a brick church with a clock tower. It’s no longer a church, but local organizers are preserving the building. During renovations, a paper was found stuffed down one of the pews. It was written 125 years ago by a boy who was thirteen.

Dear friend, whoever finds this paper, think of William Elliott who had two months and two weeks and four days on the 11 of August 1897. Whoever you are that finds this paper don’t tear it up or throw it away… keep it in remembrance of me, W. Elliott… I was the leading boy of this choir.

William was orphaned when his father was washed overboard on a ship. The boy was able to stay in an orphanage until he was fourteen, and William was anxiously counting down the days until he would be discharged. He wrote the note, apprehensive of being cast out on his own.2

How many of us are fearful of being cast out on our own! But the Lord will never cast us out. Calvary changes everything, and in Him we will never be abandoned, orphaned, or forgotten.

Christ never changes, never leaves us, never forgets us. John Todd

I Am the Bread of Life (John 6:32-59)

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