Made for Praise

Praise brings us into the presence of God, where our worries evaporate

Have you ever considered how you treat the Lord? Some people repeatedly lift up prayer requests yet fail to express admiration, praise, and gratitude. When that’s the case, they may be attempting to use the Lord to fulfill their needs and desires without demonstrating love for Him.

In 1 Peter 2:9 it says God created His people to praise Him. Our worries and concerns are of great importance to Him, but He also wants us to come to Him with a worshipful heart, not an attitude of self-centeredness.

When we extol the Lord, our focus shifts to Him. Then we’ll begin to recall His greatness, goodness, mercy, love, and faithfulness. We’re told to praise Him joyfully (Ps. 100:1), continually (Psalm 34:1), corporately (Psalm 108:3), and wholeheartedly (Psalm 111:1). And we even see Paul and Silas praising God in the midst of pain and imprisonment (Acts 16:25).

Take some time today to reflect on God’s mighty work of salvation in your life. Instead of approaching the Lord with a list of requests, simply praise Him for His faithfulness and righteousness. When your heart is full of praise, worries dissipate and you’ll trust God to provide for your needs in His own timing.

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